Weather In Bandung

21 Nov


Situated little above 750 meters above sea level and surrounded by many volcanic hills of Parahyangan mountains, Bandung is the capital of west Java province in Indonesia. It has a tropical climate and remains cooler than most other places in Indonesia. The temperature hovers around 25-30º Celsius during the day time and 18-25º Celsius at night around the year. Typical to tropical climate, Bandung does not have distinct winters or summers and temperature remains mostly constant throughout the year with mild fluctuations. In fact, the weather here can be classified into wet and dry since monsoon places such an important role in the climate of the place.

Wet season in Bandung starts from early October and lasts till late April. During the period from November till March Bandung witnesses heavy rainfall with thunderstorms. During these months, Cipularang toll road which connects Jakarta to Bandung often gets disrupted because of landslides which cause huge traffic jams.

During the wet months, humidity is quite high which makes stay very uncomfortable here. Humidity along with tropical diseases like dengue, malaria and flue are very common in part of the world. With an average humidity of 85 percent, temperature touching almost 30º Celsius and average precipitation of 220 millimetres per month, wet season is not the most ideal time to visit Bandung. But being the third largest city of Indonesia, Bandung seldom struggles in gathering tourists at any time of the year. In fact, during the wet season, hotels in Bandung give heavy discounts to attract tourists, and for many travellers especially from within Indonesia and adherent travellers, Bandung can be very much called as a weekend escape.

Months from May to September are considered as the dry season. During this time, rainfall is minimal, humidity goes down substantially, and the weather remains clear and sunny. It is best to visit Bandung during the dry months from June till September. Plenty of sun light lures hordes of tourists from across the globe to visit Bandung at this point of the year.

Though there are the occasional un-seasonal rains, but these do not last very long. The day time temperature is quite high because of the sunlight, but since humidity is less, the weather remains bearable. The weather becomes pleasant during the evenings and nights. The dry months are the best time to visit Bandung and tourists get plenty of warm dry days and cool evenings during these months.

The dry season is obviously the best time to visit Bandung as this is a worry free time and tourists do not have to worry about the heavy rainfall and frequent thunderstorm. Tourists from different parts of the world visit here during this season and getting hotel rooms in Bandung in the dry season is quite difficult due to the huge number of tourists who come here for a holiday.


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