Useful Tips For Your Successful Bandung Shopping

21 Nov
Shopping in Bandung

Shopping in Bandung

What is the best thing about shopping in Bandung? Why there are so many people, especially those coming from Malaysia and Singapore coming to Bandung only to go shopping? Well, not many people are aware that Bandung has become Indonesia’s number one tourist destination for shopping. Why is that? This is because you can find so many shopping and factory outlets in Bandung where you can find very good quality products at very affordable price.

However how do you choose which factory outlets are really the best ones in Bandung? The only way to find out is simply join a local Bandung tour package which will take you directly to Bandung’s hottest and best shopping arcade. The best time to go shopping to Bandung would be on weekdays, instead of weekends. It is because numerous people from Jakarta visit Bandung regularly on weekends and they are sometimes blamed for the traffic jams in Bandung during weekends, especially long weekends and holidays.

However to ensure that you really get what you want in Bandung, it would be best if you join and book a local tour in Bandung who will show you only the best places in Bandung where you can really get the best products at very affordable price. Do not hesitate to let them know what kind of places you or your family is interested in. And they would be more than pleased to show you the tour itinerary even before your coming to Bandung.

Choose only the best and the professional tour company in Bandung who can provide English speaking tour guide. Let them know how many days you would like to spend your holiday in Bandung and whether you have your children along with you. And they will arrange everything for you, including the tour package which already includes the accommodation, transportation and tour programs as well.


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